Parametric walking cane


Twistr is a parametric stick made by Polifactory and design in collaboration with Angelo De Iesi, Andrea Ascani, Ewoud Westerduin, Aurélie Marie Glaser. This project has developed a design and digital fabrication method to materialize personal parametric sticks – with kinect and grasshopper – having a 3D printed structure. The stick is printed with the carbonium material made by Treedfilaments. Twistr is part of Polifactory's project called NEX STEPS that is an experimental initiative that stimulates designers, makers and patients (as user innovators) to co-design and prototype a collection of open source walking aids that can be distributed through digital platforms and materialized in Fab Labs.






Starting from Distributed Design Market Platform - DDMP perspective, NEXT STEPS aims to demonstrate how designers, makers and patients – supported by patient associations, caregivers and healthcare specialists – can pragmatically co-design, materialize and distribute new walking aids with real market potential. NEXT STEPS is an initiative developed thanks to the collaboration with AIG – Associazione Italiana Glicogenosi, a patient association that represents people affected by Glycogenosis, a rare and degenerative metabolic disease. AIG stimulates the involvement of patients in the co-design and prototyping of walking aids. Thanks to NEXT STEPS, the patients will experiment a real patient innovation process.
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Grasshopper script
My contribution for this project relied mainly in the construction of the parametric design made inside Grasshopper environment. The goal of the parametric design is minimazing the material mass securing the same mechanical properties as a whole cane.


18th - 20th October 2019
@ Sanofi Booth, Maker Faire Rome.
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30th November 2019 @ Polifactory.
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